About Me

My name is J. I do all sorts of creative stuff. One thing that had been on my list of creative projects for YEARS was to start creating my own digital holiday decorations. Finally in 2020 I pulled the trigger and launched this website. The goal is to create some awesome content that can be shared with others that LOVE to combine technology and decorating. I have done video production, graphic design, photography, and web design professionally for a long time and along with that have dabbled in video game creation, 3D animation, and more recently Augmented Reality. With all that under my belt I’ve set out to create video assets as well as teach people how to create their own. I hope this can become a resource for anyone looking to get started into digital decorations. And that I can be a resource for haunters looking for someone to help develop products they want that might not currently be available.

If you download any freebie content, found some useful info, or just want to support what I do, I’d love if you’d help me keep this website up and running by throwing me a few bucks. I’m a one man show and this is currently just a hobby so anything helps.

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